Difference in LED Color Temperatures and Uses


LEDs come in a variety of color temperatures which gives us as installers more flexibility over old halogen bulbs when it comes to designing your lighting system.

The most common LED color you see and we use is 2700K (L) - gives that same glow of the old halogen bulbs. We use this color temperature on houses, stonework, fountains, fire pits, etc.

For greenery we like to use 3000K (M) - it is a little brighter than 2700K. The 3000K tends to bring the color of the greenery out and really highlight its natural beauty.

The LED on the Right is the 5700K or the "Blue" LED. When people think of LED this is the color they picture with LED bulbs since when LEDs first came out this was the color they were, and the only color available. If we use a 5700K it is on Modern style homes, Putting Greens, Basketball goals or other task related areas.

LEDs have come a long way since they came to market and has made it possible for us to customize our customers systems more to their personal tastes than ever before.


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